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We are a nationwide distributor of the chemicals GR5 and RBT24|7. Our multi-purpose cleaner, degreaser and sanitizer chemicals...  

Why Choose Us?

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Why GR5

GR5 Multi-purpose Cleaner and Degreaser is a water based product which is 100% environmentally friendly and is literally taking the country by storm. GR5 can be used in any industry, ranging from Mining to Hospitality to Power Stations. GR5 is a chemical that can be diluted to the various situations that it is intended for. Please see below for all of our Certifications.

It kills 99% E.coli, S.aureus and Aspergillus

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Why RBT 24|7

Kills all known bacteria, viruses and fungi rapidly and efficiently. Eliminates harmful pathogens up to log 7 at point of application (99.99999%). Continues to kill harmful pathogens – i.e. residual efficacy on skin with 1% RBT 24|7 lasts up to 9 hrs or from wash to wash. Binds to all tested surfaces by coating, creating an active barrier lasting for 7 days without affecting the surface properties. Stops development of mutant strains.

Our products are :  Environmentally friendly , Non-toxic , Non- Carcinogenic , Non Flammable , Bio-Degradable and ANTI Bacterial

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